NBA Confirms Mid-Season Tournament Starting In 2023

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At the beginning of April, the NBA and its players agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement that will keep both sides in uninterrupted business for at least the next seven years. On Monday, some of the details of the CBA are being released to the public.

The topic that people will likely find the most interesting (and potentially controversial) is the new in-season tournament that will take place starting next season. It is expected to take place in December, and the details have been released by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Some Details Of NBA Mid-Season Tournament Released

The tournament will use pool play to whittle the field down to 8, after which there will be a single elimination format until a winner is crowned. There will be incentives involved for the players.

Each member of the winning team will pocket $500,000, with the players from the second place team receiving $200,000. There will be prizes for the 3rd and 4th place finishers as well, with $100,000 and $50,000 available. There are still plenty of wrinkles to be ironed out when it comes to the fine details of the tournament, but we are starting to see it finally take shape after a couple of years of discussion.

Also outlined in the NBA’s new CBA is the implementing of a minimum game count for players to be eligible for postseason awards. Players who hope to win honors like MVP or Defensive Player of the Year must now play in a minimum of 65 regular season games, as do those looking for All-NBA honors as well.

The change should help in the fight against load management, though there hasn’t been an MVP that played less than 70 games in the last 45 years.

Some of the finer details that the NBA released on Monday were hammered out in a series of tweets from Bobby Marks. He went into detail about new financial rules and regulations for player trades, as well as tax distribution numbers for teams that do not reach 90 percent of the salary cap. As he reports, the San Antonio Spurs would have missed out on over $15 million this season.

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