Madrid Merry-go-round: Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United remains a mystery

Last summer I was bored of all the Ronaldo moving to Real Madrid stuff pretty quickly, it carried on through right up until the transfer deadline and I’m fairly sure everyone was thinking ‘just go already’.

When Florentino Perez started his campaign for the Real Madrid presidency he didn’t seem too keen on Ronaldo and focused his attention on other targets.  Now it has all come back and we’re set for another summer of ‘Will he? Won’t he?’, great.

This is what Perez actually had to say: “He’s a player that would be very good if he came to Real Madrid,

“What I know is what I’ve read, that there is an agreement by means of which he would come for £80million…”

I don’t doubt the Portuguese playmaker is a fantastic player, perhaps not the best in the world but he isn’t that far off.  However, the whole soap opera last summer really derailed Real’s transfer plans and was incredibly damaging to the team.  They didn’t manage to bring anyone of any real note in and Robinho left, though he had been fairly disappointing the previous season anyway.

Basically as good as Ronaldo is I personally think Real should be looking elsewhere.  Reports suggest they’ve already pretty much signed Kaka, while Franck Ribery, David Silva, David Villa, and Sergio Aguero would also be great additions to the Real team. The Real team needs a lot of improvement and I don’t think spending all their time pursuing Ronaldo for a second summer is such a good idea.  If this is indeed their plan then you have to ask is he enough to lift Real Madrid on his own?  For me the answer to that is probably not.

When asked about his future Ronaldo gave a frustratingly ambiguous statement, this is what he said: “My future now is the national squad, so that we can win, so that we can be in a good position in our qualifying group.

“About clubs, I do not want to talk about that, I want to rest, go on holiday, I am very tired, I have played a lot of games, a lot of pressure.

“The future, we will see.”

Whether he goes to Madrid or not, I don’t really care.  I just know I can’t deal with another summer where he dominates the headlines.

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