LOOK: Victor Wembanyama Makes Rudy Gobert Look Small

rsz victor wembanyama
rsz victor wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama will be the talk of the summer in the NBA. He is being touted as possibly the best basketball prospect that we have ever seen, and will undoubtedly be the first overall pick in the 2023 Draft. He has a mix of skill and freakish athleticism that are almost unbelievable for a player of his height.

Victor Wembanyama Makes Rudy Gobert Look Small

Just how tall Wembanyama stands has been disputed. Or perhaps he is just still growing. Many outlets have him listed at 7 feet 2 inches tall, but based on what we saw in a recent video, he looks to be well above that number.

Sunday was the start of the playoffs for the Metropolitans 92, Wembanyama’s team in France. Fellow countryman Rudy Gobert was in attendance, and he presented Wembanyama with the LNB Pro-A league MVP trophy. What we saw when the two towering players stood next to each other can put some of the height questions to rest.

Gobert is a legit 7-footer, and is listed at 7’1″ by most. But if Wembanyama is 7’2″, then Gobert is lying about his height by a solid three inches. When standing side by side, we can see that Wembanyama is not only taller, but noticeably so.

The top of Gobert’s head appears to come up to about the level of Wembanyama’s eyes, and it doesn’t appear that the younger player is standing completely upright. As they pose for the camera, Wembanyama appears to have his legs apart a bit, taking him down about an inch.

While there is no disputing his physical and basketball gifts, there are always injury concerns with tall, thinner players. Players at that height often endure knee and leg problems throughout their careers, and their NBA shelf life tends to be shorter. But in this particular case, the risk is very much worth the potential rewards.

Victor Wembanyama will begin his NBA career under the tutelage of Greg Popovich, as the San Antonio Spurs have landed the rights to the first overall pick. It will be the third time that the Spurs will select first, and they’ve added generational talents each time they’ve been in this spot. In 1987, they selected David Robinson, and in 1997 they picked Tim Duncan.

The 2023 NBA Draft will be held on June 22nd.

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