LeBron James Ties Derek Fisher For This NBA Playoffs Record

rsz 02nba lebron 1 facebookjumbo
rsz 02nba lebron 1 facebookjumbo

LeBron James just wrapped up his 20th year in the NBA, a career in which his teams have missed the playoffs just four total times.

Because of that longevity in the postseason, James is the greatest playoff athlete in NBA history. He at or near the top in many of the statistical playoff categories, including being first in scoring and second in assists.

LeBron James Tied For Most Playoff Series In NBA History

He couldn’t have gotten to those numbers without playing in an impressive amount of games. James played in his 267th post season game on Sunday against the Grizzlies, adding to the lead that he took a few years ago.

But there is one category that he became tied in this year. The Lakers’ series against the Grizzlies will be the 51st series of James’ career, which actually ties him with another player with notable longevity.

Derek Fisher was a point guard in the NBA for 18 seasons among a handful of different teams, and he missed out of the post season just twice. At the time of his retirement, he was the all-time leader in playoff games played (259) and wins (161).

No Current Player Comes Close To James’ Numbers

James has come for his throne in both of those categories. He is now the leader in both games played and wins, and he’ll pass Fisher in the number of playoff series played if his Lakers are able to get past the Grizzlies in the first round.

There is no current NBA player who even comes close to touching James’ playoff totals. Andre Iguodala is the only player on the list worth noting, as he has played in 177 postseason games, though he is inactive so far this season.

When looking at the list of leaders for most playoff games played, there is an overall dominance from the San Antonio Spurs. Due to their dynastic run in the 2000s, 4 of the top 10 players on the list are those who played under Greg Popovich.

Tim Duncan is third on the list and just 8 games behind Fisher, and Robert Horry is just behind him at number 4. Tony Parker is 6th, and Manu Ginobili is 8th.

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