Kryie Irving Wants To Play With LeBron James…In Dallas

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Ever since the two parted ways in 2017, there have been rumors about Kyrie Irving and LeBron James potentially teaming up again at some point. Together they were able to capture one of the greatest championships in NBA history, and there is an obvious complimentary element to the duo’s game.

The 2022-23 season ended in disappointment for both players, though on very different levels. James’ Lakers were able to make an improbable push after starting the season 2-10, advancing all the way to the Western Conference Finals before being swept by the Denver Nuggets.

Shams: Irving Reached Out To LeBron James About Playing In Dallas

Irving’s Mavericks, on the other hand, failed to even qualify for the postseason. It was an extremely disappointing way to finish, given that the team was in the thick of the playoff race when they made the deadline move that was supposed to put them over the top. But Irving and his presence saw Dallas fall all the way back to 11th place in the West.

The future is uncertain for both. James finished his final press conference of the year by leaving the door open to a possible retirement, though he may have simply been distracting from the Lakers’ failure. But there are rumors about what his next move might be. Irving is a free agent and will certainly test the waters, but sources from both sides have said that there would be interest in a return to Dallas.

Now may be a good a time as ever for the two to figure out how to link up to relive and perhaps recapture their Cavaliers glory days, and according to Shams Charania, Kyrie Irving has already reached out and made the call.

LeBron Would be Unlikely To Leave Los Angeles

The thought has always been that Irving would go and join LeBron James in Los Angeles and play for the Lakers, given James’ commitment to the city and his family situation in LA. But apparently, Irving’s idea is that LeBron come and play with him in Dallas.

The idea seems outlandish from all angles. James is under contract with the Lakers, and it would likely take a trade of some sort. Good luck packaging the necessary assets to trade for LeBron James. Who would be left? Would Luka, LeBron, and Kyrie play 3-on-5?

Would LeBron really leave LA during the summer before his son is set to start his freshman season at the University of Southern California? Would he leave much of his family life behind to join a team that doesn’t seem any more fit to make a championship run than the one that he currently plays for?

It will be a situation worth keeping an eye on, but it could just be an idea from Irving that wasn’t fully thought through.

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