KrackWins NFL Picks for Week 15 from Bill “Krackman” Krackomberger


One lesson underscored last week: The importance of watching line movements after you place your bet and, if possible, cost-averaging the point spread. 

Such was the case with the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers. It opened at +13 for Seattle and the number quickly went down to 10 ½ by the time my column posted. Taking 10 ½ was perfectly fine, but we needed to keep an eye on the line – especially against the 49ers.

San Fran is America’s team right now and there was late money coming in. That moved the line. If you got it at 10 ½ you lost. If you got it at 13 ½ you won. If you got it at both, you broke even. When betting against a public team, wait until right before kick-off to wager and the line will likely move in your favor.

Let’s always pick up as many of those extra points as possible – and, while we’re at it, take pleasure in crushing the bookies.

Here are three games I’m betting on this weekend where you can use the best US offshore sportsbooks to bet on them.

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KrackWins NFL Picks for Week 15

See below the best KrackWins NFL picks for week 15.

Arizona Cardinals +13 ½ vs San Francisco 49ers

This game pits one of the worst teams against one of the best teams.

If you are betting on the hottest team in the NFL, you will pay a tax for the privilege. Right now, San Fran is that team. Bookmakers are adding at least a point to the true line. They know where the public is leaning and that the ordinary Joes are taking San Francisco.

I’m happy to make a side bet that the line will go to at least 14 by kickoff. I’m waiting until the last minute on this one.

Minnesota Vikings +4 vs Cincinnati Bengals

I bet this game while I was finishing my corn flakes. The four points are key, and I did not want to wait until they went down. At +4 or even +3 ½, the Vikings can lose by a field goal and we still win our bets.

Minnesota is fighting desperately for a playoff spot. They won their last game 3-0, which is unbelievable. The entire game went 58 minutes without a score. Now they are playing against the Bengals, a team that lost the NFL’s highest paid player, Joe Burrow, after he suffered an injury. He’s an unbelievable quarterback who is on the sidelines.

The Bengals won two in a row without him, but I think Minnesota is a tougher team with the points. They are both 7-6. Minnesota lost Kirk Cousins and brought in Joshua Dobbs. So, now it’s the battle of the two backup quarterbacks. Neither team should be a four-point favorite in this game. We have to go with Minnesota.

Los Angeles Rams -6 ½ vs Washington Commanders

This is the story of two teams going in two different directions.

The Rams are now in playoff contention. They’re 6-7 and that might sound bad. But in the NFC, barring the east, you are fighting for a playoff spot with that record. And they are going for it. But Washington, at 4-9, is jockeying for maybe a better draft position. They have pretty much thrown in the towel.

I don’t like giving points, but, in this situation, I see the Rams stepping up. They should have beaten the Ravens in Baltimore. But they had a bad loss during overtime. All thing considered, including that loss, I think they will come out really strong against Washington.

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