Knowing about leaks at Ibrox is giving Caixinha ‘more confidence’

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Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has insisted that finding out about a mole in his squad has made him more confident.

Caixinha was left stunned towards the end of last season, when the media got hold of a series of stories – including the Michael O’Halloran saga and the fact that Emerson Hydman left before his loan spell had expired. But the Portuguese manager does not seem to be too fussed about it.

“It gives me more confidence,” he said. “Because I am a confident guy and I believe the things you speak in Las Vegas need to stay in Las Vegas so that means the things that is coming out means that someone doesn’t like the game we played in Las Vegas.

“That’s all and I’m happy with that.”

Quoting popular Hollywood movies aside, Caixinha should be concerned about leaks coming out of the dressing room. And he did seemed quite worried about it last season, insisting that a club the size of Rangers should not be dealing with such issues.

“The majority of the speculations are coming from inside and that’s my main concern,” he said in May this year.

“If they are coming from inside then I can’t stay happy with that situation.

“We first have to identify it and then seal it. We are a big club and big clubs cannot have this sort of behaviour.

“We rule and manage from the inside out, not the other way. At least when I am here that is going to be the way we work. No leaks. No leaks.

“I don’t care (who is responsible). I’ll just tell you that we are working on it, not myself but those responsible within the club, but it’s definitely one point that we need to understand.

“I don’t care if it’s destabilising or not. Not for myself, it’s something that I don’t like but I keep doing my job.”

Rangers will play Hamilton next in the Scottish Premiership and following last week’s Old Firm derby defeat, Caixinha would be hoping for a positive result.

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