Germany 4-1 England – Video Highlights

Germany 4-1 England
2010 FIFA World Cup
27 June 2010

Alas, history doesn’t always repeat itself.

The “Golden Generation” of English football met the ruthlessly efficient Germans and it all ended in disaster… for England. It wasn’t too long ago when England was dreaming that they are going to repeat their triumph of 1966. Those dreams were always meant to be broken. This so-called ‘Golden Generation’ is the same that failed to even qualify for the Euro 2008, this time around they were only two years older.

Set up in a group where the only real threat were the Americans and frankly, Slovenia and Algeria are relatively very inexperienced and they should not have been a problem. A group that was easily England’s to win; but England only managed to make it on the last day. And the first top class opposition they faced, they were hopelessly incompetent.

Upson’s goal was a fluke and Lampard’s goal was not recognized. The English media can cry over it all they want the goal will remain unrecognized.

Now, the downside of over-hyping a match and adding lost of history to it for no reason is that when you lose, you become all that you wanted to make your opponent. Does German victory mean that Germans were right?

Watch the match highlights while you think about it:

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