FTSY Review: Fantasy Football Made Simple (Just Pick 3 Scorers)


I’m a die hard fantasy football man. I can’t help it. There’s something about having every single Premier League player at your fingertips, creating a team of individuals to destroy and conquer. It makes every single game worth something and I find myself watching even the most dour of matches if I’ve a player present. But boy, is it time consuming, and with only £100m to spend on players, many are left behind.

But what more can you do with fantasy football? How about picking only three players and only bothering with goals scored? This is FTSY, a new way to play the ultimate game in fantasy sports.

While the official fantasy game is packed full of features, which many players find confusing and frustrating, FTSY breaks it down to its bare bones. No more irritating bonus points, no price caps and no formations. Why bother with the latter anyway when your team is full of flying wingers and fullbacks?

Getting started is easy. Head over to the iTunes app store or Google Play on your phone and download the FTSY app for free. A two minute setup and you’re in and ready to play. It’s easy to invite friends to join and you’ll soon have your own league bursting with cocky fantasy players ready for the taking.

FTSY is simple – check out the gameweek fixtures, pick any three players and go to war. Lesser picked players have a higher ‘value’ which means you’ll get more points if they score compared to an odds-on choice. Say you pick Salomon Rondon to net against Middlesbrough, for example. That’d be worth plenty more than if Wayne Rooney scores against Hull City.

This is high stakes fantasy football. So easy to fall behind which necessitates big risks in order to catch up.

Take the next round of fixtures, gameweek three, for example. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero are all on the value of three to score. Alexis Sanchez is on four along with Liverpool midfielder Coutinho. The reigning PFA Player of the Year, Riyad Mahrez, is worth ten points if he scores this week against a Swansea side who lost 2-0 to Hull City last weekend. Nathan Redmond, who has been deployed up front for Southampton since his summer move from Norwich City, faces a struggling Sunderland on Saturday, with a goal from the England man also worth ten points. Is it worth the risk?

FTSY gives you a list of the top players from each team, filtering out all those who just aren’t likely to score at all. The simplicity of this game cannot be understated, and that’s why it’s so brilliant.

So instead of winding yourself up into a knot trying to fit your favourite players into a team of eleven, why not put your faith in just three? Not to say you should give up original fantasy football altogether, that would be just mad! But I for one can’t get enough of besting my friends on the fantasy playing fields, and considering how easy and satisfying FTSY is, I can certainly make room for another.

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