3 Best Fantasy Football Games of 2021

west bromwich albion v manchester united premier league
west bromwich albion v manchester united premier league

Frustrated by the price of players in the official Premier League fantasy football? Bored of it by now? Did you know there is more than just the official game out there to enjoy with your friends?

If you’re out of the title race in the other fantasy football leagues you’re in, there are new games you can join mid-season and not be at a disadvantage (and use these fantasy football tips to engineer life-affirming success). In fact, you may want to try them for the remainder of the season before inviting your friends for a full season in August.

Here’s a look at three of the best new fantasy football games:


This one-of-a-kind fantasy football is based around Blockchain. You can play tournaments worth thousands of pounds at a time as you trade players on your way to forming a strong, winning side.

Tournaments are free to enter but there are a limited number of cards each season, making it a tactical game. Currently there are 126 clubs officially licensed, including Real Madrid, Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

If this game sounds interesting and intriguing to you then check out this SoRare review for more information and independent analysis of the fantasy game.

Dabble Five-a-side Live

Free and simple to play with friends, though you do need to be 18+. Simply select five players from any single fixture and collect fantasy points as you watch the game live.

If you feel one of your players is going to score whilst watching the game give him a boost to double your points. Or one of your players look like being sent off or even subbed off? Then substitute him with someone you think may be among the goals.

Instead of competing in the same league every season you can also introduce divisions among your friends, where your scores can earn promotion… or relegation.


Perhaps you’re a Birmingham City fan? Or Preston North End? You don’t pay much attention to the Premier League but know all the ins and outs of the second tier.

Then Gaffr is the game for you. This is fantasy football for the EFL Championship. Famously unpredictable might make it your toughest challenge yet.

Know your Jason Knight from your Teemu Pukki? Can you spot the next James Maddison or Joe Rodon? Give Gaffr a go to prove yourself in front of your friends.

Ready to Join?

Whichever new fantasy football game you’ve decided to give a go, or whether you want to play all three at the same time, you’re only ever truly ready when you have a funny team name.

Are you a Liverpool fan? How about Chicken Tikka Mo Salah? Arsenal fan? How about Boom Xhakalaka? West Brom fan? You could go with Gangster’s Allardyce. If you need any more suggestions, check out a list of funny and inspiring fantasy football team names to select from.

Next thing you need to do is pick the best eleven players (or five if you’re playing Dabble!). That’s where your football knowledge comes into play!


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