Frank Lampard hits out at Manchester United star Paul Pogba


Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has criticised Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba for his flashy style of play.

The French international has had a mixed season so far and he can end it on a high by helping his side lift the FA Cup later today.

Pogba has been criticised earlier this season for his performances and Lampard believes that Pogba needs to focus on the basics in order to fulfil his potential.

The former Premier League star believes that Pogba is a more talented player than he was but the Manchester United midfielder is too concerned with his flicks and tricks.

Lampard has urged Pogba to concentrate on dominating games and scoring goals. The former Chelsea player also labelled the Frenchman as a “YouTube” player.

He said: “I don’t know what Pogba is. He makes bad decisions but then does fantastic things which must wreck Jose’s head. Mourinho tried to embarrass him out of it and I worry Pogba did not get it. Pogba is naturally more talented than I was, he would run all over me and has better feet, but there’s no point dribbling in your own half. All that ‘flick and roll of the studs’, I’m not an advocate of that. A lot of young players see it on YouTube and think it’s amazing but I don’t like it. He has delved to that side too much. His numbers are not good enough, he progressed at Juve but there’s another progression he has to do.”

It will be interesting to see how Pogba responds to these criticisms. The best way would be to shine in the final against Chelsea and win the trophy for his side.


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