Former Manchester United defender says Diego Costa will rejoin Atletico

Chelsea's Diego Costa scores versus Middlesbrough
Chelsea's Diego Costa scores versus Middlesbrough

Terry Gibson believes it is inevitable that Chelsea striker Diego Costa will rejoin Atletico Madrid.

Costa is currently back home in Brazil and has threatened to stay there rather than return to London, and then leave on a free transfer.

Chelsea have ordered the player to return to the club and put himself in contention for selection. However, Gibson believes the Premier League champions have handled the situation badly.

“It has really depreciated his value in a market this summer where they could have got an absolute fortune for Diego Costa,” he told Sky Sports.

“The way it was done in terms of the alleged text message between Antonio Conte and Costa devalues the player’s worth, and that was devalued even more by the fact he only wants to go to one club.

“And it pretty much looks like every other club in Europe have not bothered to make an offer to sign him, despite him being a top-quality striker, because everyone assumes he is going to be going to Atletico Madrid.

“I can’t believe there is not a deal to be done now, they have a transfer ban until January, but it suits Atletico Madrid and Chelsea and it suits Diego Costa.

“But it is not great for Conte to have Costa knocking around in Brazil doing pretty much what he likes, and Chelsea still paying his wages I presume, unless they are fining him on a daily basis for not turning up to training.

“And of course, with the way Chelsea started on the weekend, and if results continue to go against them, the pressure will be on the manager that he made the wrong decision.”

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