England’s Road to South Africa – a LEGO production

A cheesy and over-simplistic look at England’s World Cup qualifying campaign and their chances in South Africa 2010 by LEGO.

But you know what? It’s a welcome break from the mind-numbing negativity that grips the English press whenever it comes to talking about their own team. It seems that everywhere we turn, every paper we read, there’s nothing but doom and gloom and harsh words for England.

The truth is that after Brazil / Spain and maybe Argentina (only because of their offensive talents), there’s a band of teams vying for an outside shot at World Cup glory and England are smack in the middle of that group. An excellent qualifying campaign and a kind(ish) draw means that they can look at the next month’s games with some hope.

Is asking for some perspective too much?

England kick off their 2010 World Cup campaign against the USA on 12 June.

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