The Soccerlens Daily: Drunk Tottenham Players, Manchester United Contracts and more

It feels like Thursday afternoon although it’s just Tuesday morning (or afternoon in my part of the world). So, allow me to rush through today’s news roundup (juicy as always) as we struggle with weight issues and the obvious lack of time in our lives.

The News That Matters
I told you I was rushing…

    • Houiller says that players turn to management too quickly and that they should go through an apprenticeship first. Good stuff by the head of Clairefontaine, although as usual there’s no analysis of any significance in there. Gotta wait for Mr. Fisher’s piece tomorrow then…


    • Anderson’s FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! call has got to be a candidate for the funniest story of the year.


    • Micah Richards says that he was a fool to be in the mobile sex video…ummm, you were a fool to be doing it with a gold-digger in the first place, you moron. But enough already, gotta leave the snarkiness for Thursday’s WagSnatch.


    • Eduardo Watch – Martin Taylor goes to meet him. We’ve got the Arsenal and Croatia managers exonerating Taylor from malicious blame, so come on, let’s get off his back. Although…I said the same thing yesterday and someone unsubscribed from the RSS feed. Idiot (just ensuring that he follows through, you know)…


    • Gotta love the paps – Ledley King thrown out of club after Carling Cup final party. No, not out of Spurs, dammit. I love the Jenas pic btw, and Becks’ sister isn’t…fetching…at all.


    • Hicks Jr spat on…come on, how stupid do you have to be?


    • Andy Cole got arrested for an alleged attack on his wife and then was out on bail later the same day. Makes me wonder – if he DID hit his wife and she turned him in, he’s going to go back and finish the job, ain’t he? Oh, how celebrities fall…although, he’s not the first footballer who comes to mind for hitting his wife…Mr Collymore hit his girlfriend, if you remember.


    • Scott, you are mixing two things up. It’s bad for Beckham to ask for what he deserves but not bad for Brown? Even when you quote evidence that Manchester United are notoriously hard negotiators?Becks got 50% of his image rights from Madrid, and left when they could give him a good offer. Beckham is different than other players in the sense that he has massive, massive off-the-pitch star appeal regardless of his performances on the pitch. I admit now that it was wrong of me to point to an argument between Becks and Fergie as the reason for Becks leaving, but seriously, how is it OK for Brown to ask for 50k and not Beckham to ask for more, considering that he could have, at that point in time, earned United a helluva lot just by being in the squad?


Feedback on Soccerlens

Oh, and dear readers? It’s been a while since we talked “about” Soccerlens, so some feedback on you guys think things are going (and should be done) would be great. Comments or contact form, essays or haikus, knock yourself out (but don’t drink and stand around stupidly waiting for paps to take your picture, like our man Jenas at the top).

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