Colts players speak out on frustrating tie against Texans


Not only did the Indianapolis Colts lose people a ton of bets last week, but their players were also upset with their performance, and rightfully so. Tying against the Houston Texans, who are arguably the worst team in all of football, was certainly not the start of the season that Indianapolis was hoping for.

When putting this into perspective, it’s truly not that big of a deal that Indianapolis tied this game. Obviously, this isn’t what the team wanted starting the year, but at the end of the day, it’s the first game of the season and they have a real opportunity of turning their uear around this weekend as they will be taking on a Jacksonville Jaguars team that they should be able to beat.

After the game and during the week, some Colts players have shown at their frustration about how bad they played and one of those guys was Nyheim Hines.

Pro Football Talk reported the following on what Nyheim Hines said.

“Last year we didn’t make the playoffs with Pittsburgh and a tie,” Hines said. “So right now, a tie is a good thing or a bad thing depending how we use it, but I remember last year a tie was one of the reasons we didn’t make the playoffs. So for Pittsburgh last year it was a great thing. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that, but with a tie, we are going to focus on the positives. We have negatives to get better on, but obviously we are going to focus on the things that we did well last week.”

Although everything Nyheim Hines is saying here is totally accurate, Indianapolis just has to flush that game down the drain and focus on their task at hand now. If they continue worrying about what they did in week one, they’re not going to find the success this squad is looking for.

They have a legitimate chance of making a deep playoff run this season with the best running back in football in Jonathan Taylor, so they just have to continue working hard and things will work out.

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