Colin Cowherd’s Top 8 QB’s in the NFC

Matthew Stafford - NFC quarterback
Matthew Stafford - NFC quarterback

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd released his top 8 quarterbacks in the NFC. Then, as his tweets and lists sometimes tend to do, his list became a source of ire on social media.

Now, I need to critique his list. But first, I would like to point out how ridiculous it is that the Falcons and Panthers are not interested in acquiring Lamar Jackson. Regardless of your feelings on Lamar as a quarterback, he would be a top-three option in the conference… at a MINIMUM.

Matthew Stafford

Stafford is not my ideal quarterback, but he is far from a bad option. One year ago, I would have listened to an argument for him at three behind Rodgers and Brady. However, he was far worse this past season. He did suffer a significant elbow injury and played behind a worse offensive line with worse weapons at his disposal. His rating/ranking should be lowered for his subpar play, especially with Jalen Hurts MVP-caliber season in the 2022-2023 year. According to QBR, Stafford was barely an average quarterback, sitting at only 50.3. Stafford remains a solid NFL quarterback, but there is reason to be concerned about his ceiling going forward.

Geno Smith

Geno is another example of ‘not my cup of tea.’ However, he was solidly a top-ten quarterback last year, production-wise. While he had the benefit of an easy schedule and talent around him, Smith took advantage of it. He was eighth in yards, eighth in QBR, fifth in total EPA, and fourth in passing touchdowns, all in addition to taking his team to a playoff spot, something other players ahead of him on this list did not accomplish. His play can be inconsistent, but what he showed last season is grounds for much higher placement.

Aaron Rodgers? Daniel Jones?

While I think Geno should have been on the higher end of the group, spots 4 through 8 could have gone in any order grouped, and I would have no excessive qualms. However, Colin seems very quick to dismiss Aaron Rodgers. Unless the reasoning is that he is a future Jet, I see no reason to leave him off this list despite a career-worst year, considering he seemed not to factor in Stafford’s 2022 campaign too heavily.

On the other hand, Daniel Jones is off a career-best year, with Brian Daboll at the helm. Daniel Jones won a playoff game and ranked sixth in total EPA. While he may or may not be worth the $40 million, he is making this season, his consistent play in structure and legitimate dual-threat ability make him an easy choice for this list.

Who should not be here?

Derek Carr and Kyler Murray should not be on this list. Kyler has struggled to stay healthy and likely will not start in Week 1 next season. His talent is undeniable, especially in his current setting, but production on the field should matter, and there is beginning to be a pattern of health concerns.

Carr got benched by the Raiders last season. The difference between the Raiders’ early scripted drives and drives deeper in the game was stark. Some blame goes to Josh McDaniels for an inability to adjust. However, Carr seemed off for most of the season.

All this being said, credit goes to Mr. Cowherd for stirring the NFL pot this week.

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