Clippers Now Have 4 Of The 12 Highest Paid NBA Players Ever On Their Roster

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The Los Angeles Clippers had one of the most expensive rosters in the NBA last season. Only the Golden State Warriors forked out more cash for their players than Steve Balmer did, and he doubled down on his investment this year by adding James Harden and the $35.6 million that he is owed for this season.

Clippers Have Over $1.2 Billion In Career Earnings On Their Roster

There are on-court questions about whether the Harden experiment will work out for the Clippers. He joins a trio of players that are former all-stars and MVPs, but arguably past their prime collectively, and who have failed to make any kind of serious playoff run in their time together. Harden has seen his numbers take a dip over the past couple of seasons, and there are many around the league that believe his skill set is no longer worth the headache that he brings to an organization.

Whether it works out or not has yet to be seen, but the Clippers will be a wildly expensive team regardless of the results. They not only will be handing out nearly $200 million in salary this year, but they now employ 4 of the 12 highest-paid NBA players in the history of the league.

Westbrook’s Big Pay Cut Still Keeps Him At #5

LeBron James is in first place on the list by a wide margin, as he is scratching the $500 million mark in career on-court earnings. At #5 on the list is the first Clippers player in Russell Westbrook, who has earned over $340 million in his 16-year career. The point guard is now modestly paid in comparison to his previous contracts, as he is earning under $4 million this year after taking a pay cut to remain in Los Angeles.

Slightly behind Westbrook on the list is Harden, who will pass his 3-time teammate on the list next season and is currently sitting at $338 million. Paul George comes in at #9 on the highest earnings list at $305 million, and Kawhi Leonard is the 12th highest-paid NBA player of all-time with $276 million in career earnings.

In terms of take-home cash for the 2023-24 season, only George and Leonard appear for the Clippers in the top-10.

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