Cape Town Stadium: 2010 Venue

One of the stadiums that will see the most use at World Cup 2010 is the aptly named Cape Town Stadium in Cape Town. Cape Town Stadium is one of the new stadiums that is still under construction at the time of writing, but it is on the verge of completion.

The new stadium replaces Green Point Stadium, which was demolished in 2007 to make way for a stadium that will have a capacity nearly four times that of the old stadium.

While Green Point Stadium had a capacity of 18,000, Cape Town Stadium will have a capacity of 69,070, making it the third biggest stadium behind final venue Soccer City Stadium and Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium, which will be one of the two semifinal venues.

One road to the final will go through Durban, the other will go through Cape Town, as the other semifinal match is one of eight matches that will take place at Cape Town Stadium, along with five group stage matches, one of the round of 16 matches, and one of the four quarterfinal matches.

After the World Cup, Cape Town Stadium will likely be used for both football and rugby matches, and before it, the first sporting event held at Cape Town Stadium will be a preseason rugby match between The Stormers and Boland on 6 February.

With some of the world’s best footballers on display, there’s no doubt that the action on the pitch will be breathtaking, but the stadium will certainly be a sight to behold as well, if the below image is an indication.

Photo Credit: Warren Rohner
Photo Credit: Warren Rohner

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