Berbatov and Hernandez – Could Rooney Be Forced To Play Third Fiddle?

I’ve been saying it a lot recently, but what a difference a few months can make. Think back to before the Bayern Munich game. Wayne Rooney was on top form, everyone despised Berbatov and no one had heard of a little Mexican called Javier Hernandez.

Fast forward to today, and Hernandez is already a firm fans favourite, Dimitar Berbatov is United’s top scorer and Wayne Rooney is at rock bottom. Managing 1 goal for United since that night in Munich and that was a penalty.

Wayne has also destroyed his relationship with the fans and fellow players by declaring United weren’t good enough. A few days later he apologised and signed a new contract, but the damage from that situation has already been done.

Combine all the controversy with the form of Berbatov and ‘Chicharito’ and we could have a completely new full-time strike force. Berbatov has scored 7 goals this season and Chicharito has scored 6 with 4 of those strikes coming in the last 4 games.

If someone had said to me last season Rooney would have trouble getting into the United team I like many of you would have laughed and called them crazy. However, this once laughable claim grows more realistic each day.

Personally I think Berbatov and Chicharito partnership could prove quite fruitful. Berbatov and Rooney have never really clicked, leaving Berbatov often sat on the bench for the big games. However, from the few games this season I get the feeling that Berba and Chicharito could get a very good partnership going.

I’m not saying that we should sell Rooney. No way, having the three could be fantastic for United’s attack.

In the one game Hernandez and Rooney started together it proved to be a frustrating night against Rangers with the score finishing 0-0. It’s far too early to be claiming that Rooney will become a bench player, but if things keep going like they are now, Rooney’s going to find it increasingly difficult to find his place in a side that he basically said wasn’t good enough. Oh the irony!

So could we be returning to the days of Rooney playing on the left for the biggest occasions? Or maybe even behind the two?

Berbatov And Chicharito

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