Aaron Judge Chasing Down Home Run Record Hits Drought In His Amazing Season

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Aaron Judge is just one home run away from equalling the home run record that was set back in 1961.

It’s a record that has stood for 61 years and was set by Roger Maris, who hit 61 home runs. Before Maris set the 61 total, legendary baseball player Babe Ruth held the record of 60 since 1927.

Judge has been in fantastic form this season for the New York Yankees. He looks set to smash the Maris record, but has hit a run of six games without a home run for the Yankees.

The record currently looks stands at this:

  1. Roger Maris, 1961 Yankees: 61
  2. Aaron Judge, 2022 Yankees: 60 and counting
  3. Babe Ruth, 1927 Yankees: 60
  4. Hank Greenberg, 1938 Tigers: 58
  5. Jimmie Foxx, 1932 Athletics: 58

Judge went homer-less for a sixth consecutive game and the Yankees had their seven-game winning streak against the Blue Jays.

To give Judge some credit, he has been intentionally walked by several teams since reaching 60.

The Yankees’ most recent game against the Blue Jays saw Judge intentionally walked, not giving him the chance to hit another homer.

Toronto Blue Jays man, Kevin Gausman, said: “I don’t want to be the answer to a trivia question.” This will apply to pitchers across MLB. It shows the task Judge has on hands to match the 61 record.

Is Aaron Judge Concentrating Too Much On 61?

Winning games is important, but is Judge sacrificing that desire to win for the desire to match and beat the record?

Judge’s Yankees teammate, Luis Severino, doesn’t think so: “I know everybody wants 61, but he’s worried about winning games.”

If the record is to come for Judge, you’d imagine he has the best chance to get there in front of the Yankees fans.

However, they’ve got two more games in Toronto before returning to New York.

Will Judge finally level the record?

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