76ers News: James Harden Denied Access To Team Plane, Told To Stay Home

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James Harden returned to the 76ers practice facility on Wednesday in hopes of reclaiming his spot in Philadelphia’s rotation after an off-season and training camp full of off-court drama. But according to a report from Chris B. Haynes on Bleacher Report, the team isn’t exactly welcoming Harden back with open arms, if at all.

Harden Denied Access To 76ers Team Plane

In Haynes article that was released on Thursday, he details the happenings with Harden and the 76ers over the past few days. Harden’s return to the facility on Wednesday came as a surprise to most, and he was approached by team staffers during his shoot around session. He was hoping to travel with the team to take on the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday, as Philly is scheduled to take on the championship favorites for their opening game of the 2023-24 season.

The staffers told him to stay home. Harden was told that it would be beneficial for him to remain in Philadelphia to continue his process of being integrated back with the team. Haynes says that Harden interpreted the message as a suggestion rather than a mandate.

Harden Left The Airport Frustrated

And so when Harden went to board the flight for Milwaukee after practice, he was stopped by team security and denied access to the team plane. Sources say that he was talked to by both GM Elton Brand and head coach Nick Nurse, but that he was frustrated while leaving the airport without further incident.

The relationship between Harden and the 76ers seems to be unrepairable, given what has taken place between the two sides since the conclusion of last season. The player is at complete odds with the front office and has burned his bridges, and it is likely that the team is doing whatever they can to rid themselves of the problem.

There have been questions surrounding not only Harden, but the reigning NBA MVP as well. Eyes around the league have been on Joel Embiid and his situation with the 76ers, and there are rumors that he could try to leave Philadelphia at some point in the near future as well.

The Bucks are 6 point favorites for tonight’s game.

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