Shevchenko misses, turns around, runs into a bloke and falls over

You’ve probably seen it a 100 times by now but if you hadn’t, here’s a quick peek at Shevchenko’s miss against Blackburn on Sunday.

Sheva miss

Now, the thing that was really interesting in this one was not that Shevchenko missed a sitter (he did, but that was a combination of over-eagerness and lack of concentration) but how he went about redeeming himself afterwards.

He turns around, looks for the ball, realises that it’s too far away and then runs into the nearest defender and goes to the ground clutching his thigh.

Focused on finishing this one off the right way, he then gets up gingerly, looks around and walks away grimacing. If you saw just that moment you’d never believe that Shevchenko had missed a chance to win the semifinal for Chelsea. You’d probably be screaming at the ref for not giving a cast-iron penalty.

Good play to you, Mr. Shevchenko. Getting subbed soon afterwards didn’t help matters, but with 14 goals this season and West Ham and Arsenal coming up sooner or later you’ll get a real chance at redemption.

Update: Here’s the embedded video for the twat who can’t follow the bloody link:

Shevchenko Miss vs Blackburn
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