Who Could Buy The Boston Celtics? Five Potential Future Owners As Wyc Grousbeck Plans To Sell Franchise

Wyc Grousbeck
Wyc Grousbeck

One of the largest franchise’s in the NBA has been put on the market, with long term Boston Celtics ownership group led by Wyc Grousbeck deciding to sell just months after the team won their 18th championship.

After buying the Celtics for $360million in 2002 Grousbeck has put the franchise on the market, with Boston valued at a staggering $4.6billion in 2024.

So, which budding billionaire’s could be in the running to buy the Boston Celtics?

Who Could Buy The Boston Celtics?

5. Jeremy Jacobs

Jeremy Jacobs

The first candidate on our list who could buy the Boston Celtics is Jeremy Jacobs – whose family already owns Boston’s NHL team the Bruins. Jacobs is reportedly in the market for another sports team, but the Celtics may not be the answer.

Although it would make sense for Jacobs to buy the Celtics (who also play under the same roof as the Bruins at TD Garden), the billionaire isn’t actually considered as a potential suitor.

Jacobs reportedly has a fairly frosty relationship with the Celtics and despite having a net worth of $4.3billion, he may not be interested in the move – although stranger things have happened in sport.

4. Larry Ellison

larry ellison

Reportedly worth around $158billon, Larry Ellison would have no problem buying the Celtics outright and he has even been linked to a move into the sports world before.

Ellison was a candidate to buy the Golden State Warriors when they were sold in 2010, but he was just beaten to purchasing the franchise by current owner Joseph Lacob.

Ellison founded software company ‘Oracle’ and after the 79-year-old took a step back from day to day operations in 2014, he could easily invest in the Celtics.

3. Rob Walton

rob walton

Denver Broncos owner Rob Walton purchased the NFL team in 2022 for a record breaking $4.65billion and although he has no ties to Boston, there certainly wouldn’t be an issue raising funds.

Walton is heir to the Walmart fortune and his net worth is somewhere in the region of $67.4bn, so the $4.6bn price tag on the Boston Celtics wouldn’t be an issue.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a part of Walton’s ownership group with the Broncos and she admitted that they could easily get involved with buying the NBA team to expand their portfolio.

2. John Henry & Fenway Sports Group

John Henry

The most obvious answer for a new owner in Boston is a billionaire who already has ties to the city, with Fenway Sports Group owner John Henry a great potential candidate.

Henry’s net worth is reportedly around $5.1billion and he already owns the Boston Red Sox, as well as Premier League club Liverpool and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Following the Boston Celtics’ championship win over the Dallas Mavericks in June, Henry made his love for the franchise clear to the city by hosting the trophy parade at Fenway Park ahead of an MLB game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

1. Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft

Another Boston ownership group that could take an interest in purchasing the Boston Celtics is current New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft bought the Patriots for just $172m in 1994, but just like the Celtics the Patriots have only grown over time and they are now reportedly worth around $7billion.

The 83-year-old is a lifelong Celtics fan and if he were to buy the franchise, it would certainly be in the hands of someone who really cares about the team as they search for their 19th championship.

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