West Ham manager Manuel Pellegrini lavishes praise on Marcelo Bielsa


West Ham United manager Manuel Pellegrini has lavished praise on Marcelo Bielsa for the job he has done at Leeds United so far.

The Championship outfit are currently favourites to secure promotion and Bielsa has got them playing some great football as well.

Pellegrini believes that Bielsa is the kind of manager who adds a certain style to a club and he also gets his teams punching above their weight.

The West Ham boss added that Bielsa’s teams play with big personality and the mentality of a big team. Pellegrini wants his side to follow the same blueprint and perform with the mindset of a big team.

He said to Independent: “He is always a manager that gives a style to a club. Bielsa gave another personality to the Chilean players. Maybe he did not win anything with Chile, but playing against Chile was very difficult. He had good success because he was playing as a big team. The same I was telling you about what West Ham must do, we must play with the mentality of a big team. He did brilliant work in Chile, he got Chile to play as a big team in those years”.

Marcelo Bielsa’s work at Leeds United has been nothing short of outstanding and he deserves all the praise coming his way. It will be interesting to see if his side can finish the season strongly now and win the Championship title.

Given the situation Leeds United were in last season, this is a phenomenal turnaround.

It would be exciting to see Marcelo Bielsa in the Premier League next season.

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