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We want Gallas!



The man doesn’t want to play at Chelsea anymore – at least that’s what the media has been reporting, and today Chelsea came out with a statement clarifying that as Gallas was under contract for another year, he had the choice between signing the new contract they’ve offered, or staying for the remainder of his contract and walking out on a free transfer.

I’m not particularly concerned that Milan want him – what I want to know is why Manchester United isn’t going for Gallas. Considering that Evra was a poor buy (in the Djemba Djemba mould) and that Silvestre is comically error-prone (except it’s not funny), we only have one solid left-back in Heinze, and with O’Shea in midfield, one fit right-back in Neville. Brown, Vidic and Ferdinand are all good, but if you bring in one more center-back (arguably as good as Ferdinand), we will have the defence necessary to challenge in Europe – and that’s what we want, don’t we?

Ferguson is supposed to go watch Lyon play their final league match before holding talks with counterpart Houiller and presumably, lay the grounds for a massive bid for Diarra before the World Cup starts. Part of me thinks that as usual, Ferguson is putting too much emphasis on one player – then again, we haven’t seen all his cards yet. I doubt that United will bid for Gattuso, but a local English midfielder might be on the list as well.

Just a few days before Arsenal v Barcelona – heart says that it’s too close to call, but head says that given Arsenal’s propensity to self-destruct when they meet a team that can’t be humbled, it’s like they hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do anymore.

Everyone’s pointing to Madrid and Juve, but Juve’s brittle performance at Highbury and Madrid’s awful performance at Bernabeu are more memorable than Arsenal’s wins. But when you talk of Chelsea…

I’m still betting on Barca.


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