The Best Goal Ever?

Picking the ‘best goal’ over a period of time is a difficult task – everyone has their own criteria what makes up a ‘great goal’ or the ‘best goal’.

Are the best goals the screamers from 40 yards out? Or the ones where one player takes on 5 defenders before slotting it in ( known as doing a “Diego” in Argentina), or is it one in which the whole team gets a touch on the ball passing at least 25 times, leaving the defense clueless as to who is going to shoot and suddenly the midfield maestro comes out of nowhere and rolls the ball in (simply known as doing an “Argentina” in the world cup)…

Or is it this one?

We see so many amazing goals scored. Some that defy physics like Carlos’s Zero Degrees Goal. But this goal could very well be the best goal ever. You have to admit that it took some amount of skill to pull off. But the point is not the talent required to pull this off. If you read the description by GlentoranTV, the clubs official channel, it quotes

“Glentoran, like most clubs, are struggling in the current financial climate.

If you enjoyed this video and can afford it, please consider sending a donation via PayPal, no matter how small, to [email protected]
All money donated will go directly to Glentoran FC.”

The video has 2,530,773 hits as I write this article. How much it would mean to Glentoran if each individual that saw that video just donated 1 pound each. It could afford them new training facilities, new players, better infrastructure, the works.

That should be the impact of a goal. The Glentoran FCs of the world are fading in the current financial situation. I mean, even a club like Pompey, which has a huge supporter base went into administration when they were a part of the elite league. If one strike can change the fortunes of a club and not the transfer fee of one player, it is the best goal in the world.

Suck it Ronaldo, Messi and Carlos. Matty Burrows 92nd minute winner is the best goal ever.  Disagree? Rant away.

Until then, bring in the beers.

P.S. Enjoy this compilation of some of the coolest “Backheel Goals” on youtube.

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