Home News Sunderland rock the Premiership as Tottenham bottle it, again

Sunderland rock the Premiership as Tottenham bottle it, again



Oh hell yes.


Take that. And that. And that.

With due respect to Tottenham, who I respect and like as a club, they bottled it, big time. And Sunderland, for all their messed-up set pieces and their genorosity in giving away possession, stuck to the task as you’d expect a Roy Keane team to, and in the dying seconds of the game pulled out a rabbit – excuse me, Chopra – to win their first 3 points of an exciting Premiership campaign.

Tottenham have bought well but failed, despite high expectations, to turn it on in a difficult away game (the Stadium of Light packed with raving Sunderland fans wasn’t the easiest place to come to).

Sunderland contained Tottenham (McShane, take a bow) and while some people will say that Tottenham were unlucky, it WAS Sunderland who had two of the best goal-scoring chances saved by Robinson (while Gordon had two tame out-of-the-boxes chances to handle), and they got a goal when it mattered, while Tottenham’s 16m Bent and 10m Berbatov couldn’t.

Chopra who?

You can read the match report on the Beeb or Sky websites – I’ve done an analysis on the performances of both sides (including player ratings), which you can read here:

How long will Tottenham and Jol hide behind excuses?
Sunderland have a lot more work to do

And the winning goal:

Sunderland 1-0 Tottenham

Enjoy the party, what a start to the new season 🙂