Report: Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is considering putting the club’s ground staff to work on his private estate; fans react

Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy

According to The Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is considering plans to put the club’s ground staff who have not been furloughed to work on his private estate during the coronavirus pandemic.

With football currently suspended until further notice, there isn’t much work to be done on the Spurs’ pitch with no match in view, while the training ground in Enfield is also in need of little work.

Levy will personally bear the cost of any work the club’s groundsmen carry out at his private Hertfordshire estate and it won’t be coming off the club’s payroll.

Nevertheless, Tottenham fans aren’t pleased with the chairman’s decision, and here is how some of them have reacted to it on Twitter:

Tottenham have joined Newcastle United, Bournemouth and Norwich City to furlough staff onto the Government’s job retention scheme, with 550 of their non-playing staff set for a 20% reduction in their wages during April and May.

Meanwhile, Levy is due to earn a £3 million bonus apart from his £4 million salary, and continues to be unpopular with the fans.

Spurs players and their EPL counterparts, have been urged to take a pay-cut, but Levy’s decision to furlough non-playing staff is said to have increased their resistance to taking it.

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