Mkhitaryan: ‘My dad is my inspiration, I hope he is proud looking down’


Manchester United’s latest signing Henrikh Mkhitaryan has revealed that he is driven by the tragic death of his father at the only age of 33.

Henrikh’s father Hamlet Mkhitaryan, who was also a professional football and spent few years of his career in France, passed away two decades ago from a brain tumor when the former Dortmund star was just seven but the attacking midfielder insists that he takes inspiration from the memories of his beloved father.

“He was my drive, so he was my motivation because when I was young he was playing football professionally and I was always dreaming to go with him to the training ground. It was my dream to continue his work and to also be a football player,” Mkhitaryan said at Man Utd’s Adidas kit launch in China.

“He was 33 years old, I was seven years old at the time so, yes, it is a pity but that’s life. The life continues and I hope he is proud looking at me from the sky so I try to do everything to make him proud.

“I’m sad because I think he could have helped me with his words and his support, but that’s life. I’m trying to do everything with my family members, my friends, who are watching me every day, every game, so they are trying to help me to say what I did wrong and what I did well and I try to improve myself.”

The Armenian skipper also revealed that he is thankful to his mother for providing invaluable support to him and his sister after the dismal death of their father.

“On one side, yes it made me grow up quicker. And on one side no because it is very difficult when you grow up without a father because in the family you don’t have a real man who can give you direction, discipline,” added Mkhitaryan.

“In one case my mother was my mother and father, so I am thankful to her and I am thankful to all the people who were next to me at the time in a hard moment so the life continues and I am trying to learn something new from the people and getting into football.”

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