Mike Tyson Makes Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury Prediction – Paul by Knockout

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s prediction about the outcome of the highly-anticipated boxing match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has stirred up the interest of fans and boxing enthusiasts worldwide. In an interview, Tyson predicted that he doesn’t think Fury would be able to beat Jake Paul.

Tyson Picks Paul By KO

Despite being a world heavyweight boxing champion himself, Tyson has not seen Tommy Fury fight, which may explain his prediction. However, he praised Jake Paul and noted that he is getting better and better with each fight, making him a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Tyson believes that the fight will end with someone being knocked out, saying that “someone’s zero has got to go.”

“Jake Paul is getting better and better as he fights, and I don’t know if they brought him over here to lose,” Tyson said when asked about the bout.

While Jake Paul is not a professional boxer, he has certainly made waves in the sport in recent years. With a record of 6-0, including four knockouts, he has become a household name in the boxing world, with many fans and critics alike watching his every move.

In contrast, Tommy Fury is a professional boxer, with a record of 8-0, including four knockouts. Despite this, he remains the underdog according to top US sportsbooks, who have given Paul better odds of winning the match.

Odds Sportsbook
Jake Paul -150 betonline
Tommy Fury
+130 betonline

Paul The Biggest Draw in Boxing

Mike Tyson also pointed out the significant market power that Jake Paul holds, calling him the biggest thing in boxing right now besides the heavyweights. While there are other prominent boxers, Tyson believes that none of them are as significant as Paul, whose popularity is only continuing to grow.

“This fight shows the market power of Jake Paul,” Tyson said. “He’s the biggest thing in boxing right now besides the heavyweights. The heavyweights are the only thing bigger than him”

While Mike Tyson may not have seen Tommy Fury fight, he has predicted that Jake Paul will emerge as the victor in their upcoming match. With both fighters being undefeated, the fight promises to be an exciting event for fans, and the outcome is anyone’s guess. Whether Tyson’s prediction comes true or not, one thing is for sure – this fight is going to be one to remember.

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