Mavericks Can Offer Dončić The Largest NBA Contract Ever In 2025

rsz thunder mavericks basketball ap
rsz thunder mavericks basketball ap

Luka Dončić has been a perennial MVP candidate since early in his career, and finally has his Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals and competing for a championship. He is still locked in with the Mavericks for a couple of seasons, but a year from now, he will be eligible to sign the largest contract in league history.

Dončić Could Sign Largest Contract In NBA History In 2025

He had to meet certain criteria. By qualifying for First Team All-NBA in each of the last two seasons (and the three seasons prior, as well), Dončić will be able to sign what will be the most lucrative deal ever come the summer of 2025. He will earn $43 million during the 2024-25 campaign, and would be looking at a contract worth more than $346 million come the end of that season.

It would be about $60 million higher than the amount of the previous record breaker. Before the start of the most recent season, Jaylen Brown signed his super max deal with the Boston Celtics that made him the highest paid ever, as he was given $286 million.

Irving Will Be Looking For A Payday Soon, Too

Dončić would play out the final year of his current extension in 2025-26, which will pay him $46 million. When the super max kicks in, his earnings would shoot up to just shy of $60 million for 2026-27, a number that would increase by roughly $5 million in each of the subsequent five seasons. During the final year of the deal in 2030-31, Dončić would be taking home an incredible $78.8 million. (Numbers from NBA insider Bobby Marks)

The Mavericks could be facing a serious price tag in the coming years. Dončić’s backcourt running mate Kyrie Irving has proven to be the co-star that Dallas has been searching for, and will be playing the second season of a three-year deal in 2024-25. But he has a player option for the following campaign, meaning that he can opt out and force the Mavericks into an even bigger deal by threatening to sign with another NBA team.

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