Ljunberg vs Mellberg – scenes from the Swedish dressing room

It was mentioned in the media earlier that after the Sweden vs Trinidad & Tobago game (0-0), Freddy Ljunberg and Olof Mellberg came close to blows on a dispute on ‘tactical matters’.

Baraben.com reports on scenes from inside the dressing room. Some highlights:

“It’s not the tactics, it´s the lack of creativity that denies us the goal”, Mellberg says as he looks at Ljungberg.

The Swedish captain is just about to walk pass Freddy to the right (seen from the door) when the Arsenal player “jumps” up and snubs:

“What the f**k are you trying to say with that? Perhaps you should think about your own game and keep the ball simple by the ‘wings’ instead of your ‘balloonshots’.”

Reports say that Ibrahimovic intervened and that there was no “coming to blows” moment that happened four years ago in the previous World Cup on the training ground.

More at Baraben.com:

Ljunberg and Mellberg clash

Alternative URL (if the above one doesn’t work): Ljunberg and Mellberg clash (alternative link)

Ljunberg and Mellberg come to blows in 2002
Mellberg and Ljunberg come to blows in a training ground spat in 2002.

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