Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle United – Alonso makes ’em pay (goal video + highlights)

You wouldn’t have expected an upset in this fixture, and for good reason.

Despite recent form, Liverpool are a very good side with world-class players and Newcastle United are a good side with good players. And if that wasn’t enough, Liverpool are a better team than Newcastle, even if you negate the home advantage.

It was stacked against Newcastle from the start, and the resulting win for Liverpool well-deserved.

Recollections of the match will vary depending on which side you support, but here are a few observations:

  • Liverpool played well and created plenty of chances – including that Garcia shot off the near-post. Newcastle, on the other hand, struggled against the midfield duo of Sissoko and Alonso, and beyond them Carragher and Agger.
  • Alonso’s goal is amazing not because of the distance he scored it from, but because of the shot’s unerring accuracy. 60 yards, yes. Harper slipped, yes. But damn, that was a straight shot…
  • Newcastle fans shouldn’t read too much in this result – it’s their draws and losses to teams outside the big four that they need to worry about.
  • On the other hand, all is not rosy for Liverpool – the win helps them, but they need to stop making excuses about being slow starters and start living up to expectations their fans have placed on them.
  • Poor decisions are fast becoming the norm, and to an extent are an “expected” part of the game. Still, hiding behind them as excuses is not good enough. In other words, shit happens, deal with it and rise above it.

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Alonso scores a 60-yarder for against Newcastle

Liverpool 2-0 Newcastle – Match highlights

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