Kylian Mbappe to perform PSG U-turn


Kylian Mbappe is reportedly reconsidering his decision to leave PSG with Real Madrid losing hope.

Mbappe has apparently had a change of heart as the Frenchman looks to reconsider his future.

“When you know what Zlatan did here, it’s symbolic. These are high standards we are in a very very closed circle. I manage to match him and if there is no big problem, I think I will overtake him. There remains Edi (Cavani,). We’ll see how it goes. But of course being the top scorer in the history of PSG, we can’t spit on it so we’ll see what will happen.

Kylian Mbappé’s statements after the match against AS Saint-Etienne on Saturday evening caused a lot of talk across Europe.

Indeed, the statements are considered by many as a clear message sent by the Bondynois native: staying in Paris is indeed a possibility.

Enough to confirm a lot of information that has appeared all over Europe in recent times. In its edition of the day, L’Equipe also confirms that the player is still open to signing a new contract with the runaway league leaders of Ligue 1.

There are two reasons that are pushing Mbappe into changing his mind about future. The first is the one he was referring to in the latest media release. After reaching Ibrahimovic’s haul, the World Cup winner wants to overtake Edinson Cavani as the club’s all-time leading goal scorer.

In order to do that, Mbappe needs to spend at least one season in France.

The second factor that could convince him to stay is his relationship with the fans. The relation between Mbappe and the fans hasn’t always been very warm with the club’s supporters often annoyed at the youngster’s inactivity when it comes to clarifying his future.

However, all that has changed a lot in recent times with fans watching Mbappe perform at his best level in recent months.

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