Football manager 2015: Key tips when starting a new save

Football Manager 2015 Transfers
Football Manager 2015 Transfers

Football Manager has grown into one of the most popular games across the globe over the last few years and with millions of users devoting a lot of their time to the game, here are a few tips that could help you build a dynasty and challenge your friends with your imperious squad.

Appoint Coaches

This is perhaps the most underestimated part of the game. While it is not a requirement to appoint good coaches, it does make your job a lot easier. Unless you prefer a more hands on approach and like to involve yourself with all the nitty gritty details of management, appointing a good coach can be be a real difference maker for you.

From tactical suggestions, advice on how to deal with opposition players to training players according to their individual needs and abilities, coaches will help with you several other duties in the day to day running of your club.

Football manager 15 starts with an opportunity to hire some world class coaches in the form of Rene Meulensteen, Rodolfo Borrell, Steve Clarke and David Platt.

Meulensteen, the former Manchester United coach boasts bags of experience and tactical nous if you plan to setup an attacking side. Similarly, David Platt also comes with great attributes for a fantastic coach at any level. If you are looking for someone to develop your young players and academy in general, look no further than the former Liverpool man, Rodolfo Borrell. Also Steve Clarke is another outstanding defensive coach available right from the start, good enough to be your assistant manager at Champions League clubs.

Go for the bargains

It is always tempting to splash the cash on established players, but if you are looking to build a dynasty, it is imperative to invest in youth, and wisely.

However, you cannot sign loads of youngsters and expect them bring you instant success and therein lies your responsibility to mix and match to create the perfect blend of youth and experience. Having said that, there are several youngsters in the game who can provide value to your first team right from the onset and go on to establish themselves as the best players on the game.

The likes of Balanta, Romero, Nkoulou, Munir, Odegaard, Mastour, Tielemans etc come for a relatively low price and can be the spine of your team for a decade. All of these players will cost you less than 10 million pounds each and will serve you just as well as the likes of Terry, Schweinsteiger, Modric, Robben, Costa etc.

Further there is a host of experienced players like De Jong, Abate, Coentrao, Yarmolenko who will make an instant impact in your team without costing you an arm or a leg.

Don’t neglect the Defence

It is always fascinating to score 4-5 goals a game and blitz your opposition week in week out, but the secret to building a great team is laying the foundations for a solid defensive unit. Defenders are cheap on Football manager 15 with the likes of Coentrao, Balanta and Nkoulou available for around 5 million each, and all three will become a part of a world class defensive setup with the right coaching in the right system.

Further, cheap options in the form of Lucas Romero and Nigel De Jong will protect your centre backs like a guardian angel for around 5 million each. Pay close attention to the defensive positioning of your side in match training and you should be able to rack up plenty of clean sheets and coast your way to trophies.

Transfer payments

Personally i enjoy this part a lot. If you are not backed by a sugar daddy, this is way forward. Try and make your transfer payments in several installments. For example, you could pay the 5 million for Eder Balanta upfront, alternatively you could make a 2 million down-payment and pay the remaining 3 million in 48 months. This saves a lot of your money for your other targets.

Downside? using this method deducts a certain amount of your transfer budget over the next few years, but if you are spending the money wisely, you can compensate for that with the instant success those players will bring you.

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