Is Eriksson the worst England manager of all time?

Myles Palmer from Arsenal News Review puts England’s performance last night into perspective:

You had to feel sorry for the England fans over in Cologne on a night when de-mob happy Sven revealed himself, finally, as the ringmaster of an England farce whose scale is unprecedented.

He is the worst England manager of all time.

He is by far the worst England manager of all time.

Yes, we top group B after a 2-2 draw with Sweden, but Group B is garbage, as I noted last week.

Joe Cole scored a spectacular goal from 25 yards, Marcus Alback equalised with a fantastic header from a corner in 49, and then sub Stevie Gerrard headed in a Joe Cole cross to win the game 2-1 in 85 minutes.

We didn’t win it because we can’t defend a long throw by Erik Edman into the box.John Terry mistimed his jump, missed the ball completely, and Sol Campbell allowed the ball to bounce seven yards from the goal. Sol missed the ball with his head and turned laboriously and missed it again with his foot to create a truly X-certificate moment in the goalmouth as Olaf Mellberg and Henrik Larsson raced in on the loose ball and Larsson ran away celebrating joyfully.

WE CAN’T DEFEND a long throw into the box !!

We conceded a goal that would have been bad in the Ryman League

WHY? In that penalty area, facing that long throw, we had the goalkeeper of Spurs, the captain of Liverpool, the centreback captain of Chelsea, plus the Arsenal centreback, and the quickest and most agile left back in the league, plus a Liverpool centreback playing at right back AND WE CAN’T DEFEND A LONG THROW INTO THE BOX when we are winning 2-1 in the World Cup Finals with five minutes to go ?

If your first defender misses it, the next one puts that ball into Row Z ! What is the matter with these Gameboy-playing, iPod-wearing millionaire thickos ? Have they forgotten the alphabet of football ? They can’t recite the ABC !!

Can’t argue with the guy.

You can read the full article here:

Theo Walcott was big mistake, admits demob-happy Eriksson

What do you think? Is Eriksson really the worst England manager of all time?

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