Franz Beckenbauer Apologises For ‘Stupid England’ Outburst

Doddery old Franz Beckenbauer has apologised to England for comments he made in German daily Bild recently, in which he labelled Fabio Capello‘s side as both ‘stupid’ and ‘burnt-out’.

A few weeks prior, the German legend also suggested that England had regressed to ‘the bad old days of kick and rush football’ in a column he wrote for South African newspaper The Times.

However, it now seems that Der Kaiser has changed his mind (as he is prone to do with frightening regularity, depending on who he is talking to), and is now ready to offer the hand of friendship ahead of the two country’s crunch last-16 encounter on Sunday afternoon.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Beckenbauer said;

“I apologise, because I like England and I like English football. Maybe it was a reaction because I was disappointed [with England] and maybe in a bad mood.”

Before the World Cup I was convinced England would play a major role in the tournament and maybe win the title.

They have a great team and a great coach – Fabio Capello is one of the most experienced coaches – and after the first two games I was so disappointed.

In other words, I apologise and I look forward to the game on Sunday. I think it’s going to be a very interesting game.”

When pressed for a prediction, the 64-year-old admitted that he hopes to see Die Mannschaft triumph over England in the manner in which we’ve all become accustomed over the years;

“For the fans, I hope for excitement – a draw, overtime, and then penalty kicks. And then, the Germans win. Sorry!”

Der Chamäleon Politisch strikes again!

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