England Euro 2012 Goalkeeper Shirt

We revealed the all new designs by Umbro regarding the England home kits for the Euro 2012 campaign and beyond, being very pleased by the overall look given to England and the close attention given to the design, which was well documented and very well presented by the brand.

The look created by Peter Saville has carried on to the goalkeeper shirts as well, where you can notice the small flags across it. One aspect of this goalkeeper kit that many people will be asking questions about is perhaps the use of purple. Why purple, and why is it only on the keeper kits?

Here is the all new England Euro 2012 Goalkeeper Shirt:

The shirt does look very comfortable and the faded out crosses in white look nice, even if from far away they might not be easily spotted. The collar is consistent with the home kit, going down very low for the keeper as well.

Here’s a close-up:

On the close-up you can see the small crosses in white clearly, and the bright purple lining on the neck. The England and Umbro crests are fully embroidered, which brings out the quality in this shirt.

What do you think about it, and who should wear it in the Euro 2012 campaign?

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