England absence from Euro 2008 will be disastrous

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Ever imagine England not qualifying for 2008? Yeah, I am sure the whole nation will be mourning if England doesn’t qualify. Oh wait, I am also pretty sure the bookies will not want this catastrophic scene to happen.

Why did I say so? England matches have always been the favorite for many punters. This is due to the exposure of English Premier League to people around the globe. When English Premier League is involved, they are second to none compared to other leagues in the world. This proofs how popular English Premier League and of course the England national team as well.

The bookies would not want to end England’s journey towards Euro 2008 as England has always been their gold mine. I am pretty sure the bookies will try their very best to move England to Euro 2008 next year.

Matches involving England last few matches will be crucial to England’s qualification to Euro 2008. What will the bookies plan?

1] Kill all the punters now by not letting England qualify for Euro 2008
2] Let England struggle to qualify for Euro 2008. Kill punters slowly where they raked in the money in the qualifying period and then the Euro 2008 as well

If I am a smart bookie I will surely choose option 2 as they will have more games to let you bet on England which most of us will eventually loose money.

Get the clear picture? England will always go into a tournament as the early favorites and loads of hype and talk will be on England winning a competition. In the end, it is a total disappointment.

Do not ever mention that England squad is not good to lift any major tournaments out there. Greece can even win Euro 2004, and why not England?

Yeah, Greece of all countries. South Korea can qualify for semi finals in World Cup 2002 and why not England?

Answer is simple. Too many people are betting on England to win a match. Take yourself as the bookie, and the whole World is picking England to beat X (any country) in a match, would you ever think of letting it happen if you are the one accepting all the bets from all over the world? A wise person should know the answer to that simple question. In no time, you will need to declare bankrupt if that happens when England wins or lift a trophy.

Bookies are smart, so to win their money, you have to think like how they think and not go against them. If they let the whole world win money, then better they don’t accept bets right?

In short, most soccer matches are controlled by none other then the bookies. England is always in their favorite list as they can make the most money from it. So, if you want England to do well in a tournaments, don’t bet on them, just watch and support them. Just my 2 cents, opinions and criticism are always welcome.

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This article is a submission for the Soccerlens Football Writing Competition; to participate, please read the details here.

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