England 11/13 Special Edition Home Kit

We wrote about the new England Euro 2012 Home Kit, tailored by Umbro last week when it was released, commenting on the design and the general new look that Umbro have given England for this campaign. In the mean time, a special edition kit has been released to celebrate the diversity of England and to give another alternative to the fans when they are looking to buy a new England shirt.

This special edition kit emphasizes the St. George’s cross, as designed by Peter Saville, and we also have an analysis of the meaning behind this design.

Here is the new Umbro England Special Edition 11/13 Kit:


The main difference between this kit and the game home kit for Euro 2012 is that the special edition has the Peter Saville designed St. George’s cross all over it, not just on the shoulders like the game home kit. In my opinion, that was one of the nice surprises of the home kit, the nifty small multi-coloured crosses, and this special edition shirt shows this design off properly.


The special edition kit takes the multi-colored St. George’s Cross design that is found only on the shoulders of the new England 11/13 Umbro home jersey and covers the entire jersey with them. The multi-color crosses represent the cultural diversity of a modern England.


Peter Saville, the designer of the new England kit sat down with Umbro for an interview. This is one interesting part of the interview which is related to this kit:

Umbro: The England football shirt is probably one of the biggest canvases to work on – was it a daunting task?

Saville: “It was, but actually it turns out that having some fresh impetus at this point is a good idea. This idea constitutes a new way to understand England: we know it isn’t what is was for the last hundred years, it’s a new thing now, and we’ll be positive about it and go forward together.”

You can read the full interview here: Interview with Peter Saville

What do you think of this special edition kit and the small crosses going all over it rather than just on the shoulders?

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