DJ Khaled, Diddy, And Others Present At First Start For Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi has been making waves all summer as one of the newest members of Inter Miami CF. Reports that he would come to the United States and join MLS rocked the sports world in early June, and he lived up to all of the hype by delivering the game winning kick in his first match last Friday night.

Messi Scores Again In Front Of Miami Celebrities

Messi’s incredible moment came in front of a packed crowd that included some popular athletes and celebrities. Both LeBron James and Serena Williams took in the action and were seen taking pictures like fans, and Kim Kardashian brought her family, who she claims are big soccer fans.

They were treated to a magical moment, as the extra-minutes goal scored by Messi has been viewed and played repeatedly over the following days.

How would Lionel Messi follow up his jaw-dropping performance in his second game? Inter took on Atlanta United FC in Miami on Tuesday night, and there were more stars out to see him yet again. Cameras caught DJ Khaled and Diddy sitting in the luxury seats near the field, as they are local staples in the Miami area and are often seen at such events. Cuban singer Camila Cabello was sitting next to Khaled as well.

DJ Khaled’s Son Can’t Hold In His Emotions

Messi had an interaction with DJ Khaled and his family just before the game. As the players stood for the introductions and National Anthem, they were each joined by a soccer-loving child, as is tradition before many soccer games worldwide. Khaled’s son, Asahd, was lucky enough to be the one that got to stand in front of Messi, with the greatest athlete in the world placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders.

But it didn’t look like a happy time for the youngster. Whether it was the pressure of the moment or meeting his favorite star player, Asahd was crying for most of the ceremony, holding his hands in his face as his father tried to take pictures from the sideline.

Messi didn’t waste any time giving the fans what they came for, scoring a goal 8 minutes in to the game, his second as a member of Inter Miami.

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