David Beckham diving video

It’s a scene out of a very horrible nightmare for me – I imagine this is how Thierry Henry fans felt when he went down (at least twice) in the World Cup.

Then again, at least Henry (like Gerrard and Giggs) makes it debatable – was there contact, was the contact sufficient, did he tumble before or after…you know, these guys are good at faking it.

But David Beckham preferred to pull off a Ronaldo rather than a Henry, and in doing so shamed Manchester United and his fans. Spanish culture? Real Madrid’s influence? The pressure of being benched for an former Arsenal player?

No excuses are acceptable.

David Beckham dives (and gets booked for it)

The match itself was a drab affair between Real Madrid and Real Betis, which Madrid won 1-0 thanks to a Diarra header (off a slick move involving Reyes and Cicinho from a corner – the two players who have kept Beckham on the bench this season). Real Madrid are now second in the La Liga table, tied on 10 points with Barca and Valencia but sandwiched between the two sides on goal-difference.

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