Copa America: Chile’s national anthem played instead of Uruguay’s

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At any international game, especially in major tournaments, national anthems are being played to pay respect to the nations prior to the kickoff.

It means a lot to the players who are representing their country. And it has become a sort of ritual that every player pays respect to the anthems.

A bizarre incident has taken place on Sunday at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona. Uruguay players and fans were expecting their national anthem to be played when they heard an unfamiliar tune coming out from the loudspeakers.

The stadium had accidently played Chile’s national anthem while Uruguay players stood awkwardly. Uruguay press covering the match were unhappy with the lack of disrespect being shown towards their nation.

The officials quickly rectified their mistake (describes as a ‘human error’) and issued a statement seeking a sincere apology from the Uruguay Federation.

Check the video below:

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