Come on England!

Football and poetry don’t go along too often. Even the wittiest and the cleverest of managers (hint: Jose) have never used poetry in anyway and we know usually football fans are not very fond of poetry. But with all that said, poetry can be used to inspire – just like it is used in some of the chants we hear.

With a very predicting inspirational piece Adam Simpson contacted us titled “Come on England“.

It is a well-written poem and it also predicts England’s route to the final and how they will win it. You can disagree with Adam but you will have to rhyme. Have a go at it in the comments below.

Come on England!

The time has come, the World Cup is here
Calling in sick, as we stock up on beer

Not on the plane, was poor little Theo
One training session and it was over for Rio

In Fabio we trust, whoever he picks

To repeat the joy of ’66

We start the journey on Saturday

With a tricky encounter with the USA

The players we have should be enough

But take nothing for granted, this could be tough

four minutes gone and we are 1-0 up
A fantastic start to England’s World Cup

Gerrard scores as the fans start to sing

Now we need a clean sheet from Terry and King

A mistake from Rob Green was not expected

Capello’s men feeling dejected

A point to start in our opening match
It could have been three if our ‘keeper could catch

A flight from Jobourg down to the Cape
As England’s campaign starts to take shape

Not quite filled with mass hysteria
The fans are nervous as we face Algeria

Rooney was awesome and scored with his head
Lennon so fast, left the full back for dead

A clean sheet from James, and a penalty from Frank

Even Heskey scored, built like a tank

Top of the group and its all going well
Three points V Slovenia? Time will tell!

2-0 to England and we are going through

Joe Cole on the scoresheet and another from Roo

Last 16 and its knockout from here

Ghana await… time for more beer

The Africans scored, but England got three

Lampard, Rooney and John Terry

Quarter Finals and we have been here before

Avoiding those penalties, we can win this for sure

Uruguay next, who would have guessed
Topping their group, the world was impressed

Slip up now and we are flying home
Champions Italy already in Rome

No such problems with a 2-1 win

A header from Crouch and one of Cole’s shin

Semi-Finals and it’s getting intense
Believe… believe… don’t sit on the fence

The atmosphere electric, the pubs start to fill

Our biggest test yet, the flair of Brazil

Fabiano and Kaka are reasons for fears
A defeat now will end in tears

0-0 at half time we are in with a chance

Brazil on top, but no Samba dance

Rooney kicks off for the 2nd half
Barry limps off holding his calf

The right back Maicon, just like Jairzhino
A cross from the by-line tapped in by Robinho

Clock ticking down, not long to go
Joe Cole comes off for Jermaine Defoe

A pass from Gerrard and Rooney is there…
but he blazes over… England despair!

A Lampard free kick rebound’s off the wall
Maybe to Defoe, we hope it will fall

He is sharp to react, lightning quick

In off the post, the finish so slick

A minute to go… and surely not
A chance to seal a cup final spot

Lampard’s corner, flicked on by King
The keeper spill’s it, ROONEY… it’s in!!!

2-1 to England, who have beaten Brazil
The Final await’s, against Spain I feel

The favourites it is, the midfield are class

Iniesta, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas

You can see why they are favorites, technically gifted

From left to right the ball gets shifted

Lovely to watch, the way they pop it around
Patiently waiting to break England down

It’s a funny old game as some would say

A chance for England against the run of play

Lennon races Puyol, leaving him in his wake

Creating a chance for Lampard to take

A clean looking strike that comes back off the bar
Rooney misses the rebound… but not by far

Chances and lots, Spain fail to take

England’s defence starting to shake

A mistake by Marchena leaves Gerrard in Space
Ball in behind… Lennon’s got pace

He draws the keeper, this could be it
Squares it to Rooney, please don’t mis-hit

The goal is gaping, he surely can’t miss
It’s in, HE’S SCORED… and the badge gets a kiss

England have won it, the waiting is over
The noise can be heard from Carlisle to Dover

Capello we love and also the team
For you and for me… this is our dream!

Come on England!

Adam Simpson is a former player and a qualified coach.

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