Cantona’s 10 best goals for Manchester United

The goal video is at the end – so if you’re here just for that, scroll down and have a pop at it.

If you’re interested in more news as well though, here’s a quick recap:

First up, the premiership weekend review (18/19 Nov, 2006) is up at BlogFC. Check it out there.

Next, David Jones has finally shipped off to Derby County. Sucks, but more importantly, this means Manchester United is left with Fletcher as the only ‘qualified’ backup to Scholes and Carrick.

Anyone else worried? With Celtic, Chelsea and Benfica coming up in consecutive fixtures after the Sheff Utd game, we’re going to need all our players top condition. Richardson and John O’Shea (and for that matter, Fletcher too) don’t give me much hope. Jones was, with Fletcher, at least a regular midfielder.

Ferguson’s cleared up the Scolari-Queiroz spat – not much to talk about really except that Scolari blew his top for no good reason and Ferguson came out to defend his man.

Thank you for bearing with me so far.

Cantona’s goals for Manchester United

Eric Cantona’s 10 greatest goals – Manchester United

Hat-tip: Soccer Training for pointing me to them – thanks bud.

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