Bryce James, Youngest Son Of LeBron, Attracts NBA Scouts

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As LeBron James advances in age and we enter the twilight of his NBA career, we can begin to think about the next generation. Not only will we see the next generation of superstars, but the next generation of the James family, as well.

Bryce James, Son Of LeBron, Attracts NBA Scouts

Much of the attention has been on Bronny James, the family’s eldest son. He is now 18-years old, and has been following in his father’s basketball footsteps since a young age. He was often thought to be the better athlete and potential prospect of the two James’ boys, and he has done his best to live up to the billing so far.

Bronny is committed to playing for the University of Southern California starting this fall.

But there is another member of the James gang that could be creating a basketball career of his own. Bryce James is three years younger than Bronny, and the basketball focus of the family has never really been on him. But that is all changing now that he is entering his prime high school years.

He won’t be eligible to be drafted until 2026, and he hasn’t even decided on where he’ll spend his college days yet. But he is already attracting attention from NBA scouts, as evidenced by the showing at an event in the south.

Both Bryce and Bronny Getting Attention

James is participating in this week’s Peach Jam, which is hosted by Nike and played in Augusta, South Carolina. Many young prospects will use the event to showcase their skills, and Bryce James is one of them. Upon his debut in the tournament, LeBron James made a Twitter post about his son’s arrival.

The boy’s father wasn’t the only set of NBA eyes that would be watching the tournament. There were scouts from more than a handful of teams around the league in attendance, many of whom made it a “priority” to see Bryce James play. Amongst those watching were scouts from the Lakers, Magic, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Suns, and Hawks.

James plays for the Strive For Greatness team in this year’s Peach Jam, and scored 12 points in the team’s first game. He played alongside his brother at Sierra Canyon High School this past year.

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