Beckham eager for his return to Old Trafford

When AC Milan takes the field at Old Trafford to face the European giants Manchester United, David Beckham will step foot in the ‘Theater of Dreams’ as well – this time against United. Beckham is a product of United, absolutely loved by the fans, Alex Ferguson’s main man in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s and simply a Manchester United hero.

Whatever David Beckham is today, it is all because of United undoubtedly. He wore the red shirt for about ten years, played 265 games for them, scored 62 goals from midfield (although after CR’s 42, that seems like a minuscule total for ten years). He will make his return to his former home ground after seven years. In these seven years, Becks has played for the Spanish giants Real Madrid and then joined LA Galaxy. Currently, he’s on loan to AC Milan and it seems like Galaxy are unwilling to let him go because both Milan and Beckham like each other quite a bit.

The Englishman was interviewed by the Milan Channel about his much anticipated return to Old Trafford:

“Am I nervous? No, but I’m happy because for the first time in seven years I am returning to Manchester to take the field.”

“I will meet many friends who supported me for so many years. It was always my dream to play in Manchester and I would have never expected to play here wearing a different jersey. Now going back there as a Milan player will be exciting.”

“Those who dream of playing for Manchester Untied should not do so to become rich. You must do it for the pride of playing for Manchester United. As a child this is the only club I wanted to play for.”

“Like Milan, it is a big club that is a family. The first thing Sir Alex Ferguson told me at Manchester was to work hard.”

“If I play Wednesday night I will not be scared, in a way I will be excited because I was a Manchester United player for so many years and I know what it means for other players to go there.”

“Playing at Old Trafford is always difficult, it will be hard to win, especially 2-0.”

“We know that if we play well, make good passes and create lots of opportunities that we have many players who can score. We are aware it will be a very difficult match, but nothing is impossible.”

Milan trail 3-2 on aggregate after they were defeated at San Siro. Wayne Rooney’s presence in the return leg is still a question mark. A lot will depend on that as United seemed a little unsettled with Dimitar Berbatov playing as the lone striker lately.

Just because of Beckham’s return to Manchester, the United v Milan match is currently over-shadowing the other games being played in the Champions League including top clubs like Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

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