Australian Open 2023 Prize Money: Over 3% Increase Will See Players Earn More Than Ever Before in Melbourne

Australian Open 2023 Prize Money
Australian Open 2023 Prize Money

The first Grand Slam is well underway in Melbourne as the second round matches conclude on Thursday, and with even first round losers earning over $70,000, we are taking a closer look at the staggering prize money for this year’s Australian Open.

What is The Overall Australian Open 2023 Prize Money?

Novak Djokovic, who heads into this year’s tournament as the undeniable favourite across tennis betting sites, leads the ATP World Tour’s all-time prize money charts having claimed $159 million across his career.

The Serbian, who was deported from last year’s tournament for not having the correct COVID-19 vaccination status, will be vying to extend his Australian Open titles record to 10 titles, while adding a cool $1,998,278 in prize money to his eye-watering total.

The total combined prize pool for this year’s Australian Open stands at AUD $76.5 million, which is around $52.6 million when converted to US dollars at the current conversion rate.

This represents a 3.38% increase on last year’s overall prize pool.

How is the Prize Money Allocated in Each Round?

Men’s and Women’s Singles

2023 Prize Money $ USD % Change vs 2022
Winner $1,998,278 3.48%
Runner-up $1,091,496 3.17%
Semifinal $621,313 3.35%
Quarterfinal $372,956 3.11%
Round 4 $227,199 3.13%
Round 3 $153,095 3.13%
Round 2 $106,698 3.15%
Round 1 $71,367 3.16%
Q3 $37,044 3.08%
Q2 $24,567 3.03%
Q1 $17,464 2.97%


2023 Prize Money $ USD % Change vs 2022
Winner $466,748 2.96%
Runner-up $248,485 2.78%
Semifinal $141,032 2.44%
Quarterfinal $78,239 3.10%
Round 3 $45,164 3.07%
Round 2 $31,228 3.10%
Round 1 $20,802 3.08%

How Does the Australian Open 2023 Prize Money Compare to Previous Years?

With tennis experiencing a seismic shift in broadcasting revenue and ticket sales, the global pull of Grand Slams is reflected in the growing prize pools, and the Australian Open is no different.

Incredibly, the Australian Open prize money has increased by 320.79%, or $58.32 million, over the past 20 years. This exponential growth is perhaps better highlighted by the 155% increase from $30 million in 2013.

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