Adebayor is the … Power Horse?

Signing Emmanuel Adebayor to be the face of an energy drink whose name signifies ‘hard work’ is akin to hiring Carlos Tevez as the poster child for a teaching English ad.

Even then, it’s a fair enough idea. Adebayor is a big deal in Africa and his endorsement would go a long way in popularising said energy drink in the continent.

Except that after 5 seconds into the final version of the ad, Adebayor starts acting as if he’s selling his juice and not an energy drink. I’m not sure what the ad ends up doing – promote Power Horse or depict Adebayor as a stud – but if I hadn’t tried Power Horse before, I sure as well wouldn’t try it after watching this ad.

Thing is, Power Horse isn’t a bad drink at all – in fact it’s the only energy drink I’ve tried that’s at par with Red Bull. Their marketing department needs to be fired though.

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