2007-2008 Premiership Club Kits

Every year football fans are running around, trying to figure out what the new kit for the next season for their club is going to be.

To make the process a whole lot easier, I thought it would be a good idea to collect all the kit pictures for the Premiership clubs in one place.

I’ve put up a page to track this season’s kits, which you can see here:

2007/2008 Premiership Kits

Here’s a list of the club kits I have seen / found for the 2007/2008 season so far.

Arsenal 07-08 away kit
Blackburn 07-08 home and away kits
Bolton 07-08 home kit
Everton 07-08 home kit
Newcastle United 2007/2008 home kit
All four Spurs 07-08 kits
Manchester City 2007/2008 home kit

More Kits

I’ll be adding more kits here as soon as I find out about them.

Club Crests

It’s also worth noting that there are two clubs with new crests – Aston Villa and Middlesbrough.

New Aston Villa Crest
New Middlesbrough Crest

Here’s the main page again:

2007/2008 Premiership Kits

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